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Do you have a young or green horse out in the pasture that you know would make a great riding horse? If you’re not sure how you can make him a horse you would feel safe getting on and riding there are a couple of options to chose from; you can find a trainer and have them start your horse, or you can do it yourself. There are pros and con to each one. Let’s take a look them.

Sending your horse to a trainer:


·      If you find the right person they will listen to what you want done and treat your horse in a fair and respectable manner during the training process.

·      Progressive training taught in an understandable way that makes sense to you and your horse.

·      The trainer takes the risk of coming off during the first crucial rides so you don’t have to.

·      You have a well-trained horse at the end of the training. You have a horse you can get on and have an enjoyable ride.


·      Finding a trainer as stated above can be a challenge.

·      You send your horse to a trainer and discover they haven’t done what they said they would do. Or worse they have done something to your horse and he’s worse instead of better.  Then you’re worse off than when you started.

·      Sending your horse somewhere is like sending your child away for a month. You will miss them.

·      The money you will spend on a trainer, on average, will be over $1000.00 a month.

·      Not able to learn along with your horse.

·      You get your horse back from the trainer and you don’t know what the horse knows and you have not learned how to communicate with him. You have not learned how to ride him and may not a very good understanding of what was involved in his training process.


Three Question to ask if this series for you.

1.     Do you have a green horse that has not been started under saddle or an older horse that has some holes in his foundation and is not safe?

2.     Are you a rider that would like to expand your knowledge of horsemanship and improve your relationship with your horse?

3.     Do you want to learn the fundamentals on how to take a horse that knows nothing and make it a riding horse? 


If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you will benefit from this series.

After starting hundreds of horses using this very method and helping many people start their own horse. I feel confident this series can help you start your horse.

This video series is about the key points in developing a great relationship with a horse.  I will guide you through the colt starting process in a safe, step-by-step manor.

You will watch me work with two horses, Gasra and Cresent and follow their progress on a daily basis for the first 20 days of their training program. You get to be right there with me as l teach you each step that I use when I am training a horse.

You will get over 30 Videos. Each one is 15-20 minutes long.
Each video is a lesson in itself. You don’t have to remember everything at once! You can watch one video and then go work with your horse.  Watch it as many times as you need until you have it and feel prepared to move on to the next video.
It is also a rare chance to see the daily progress of two horses being started by me so you have something to look to as a reference. If you have never watched this before it may be encouraging to see some of the “normal “ things horses do while going through the learning process.

Many people get frustrated because they watch the popular colt starting competitions and feel like they must be doing something “wrong” if they are not up on their horse riding in one day!  My hope is that these videos will dispel that myth and help people see that a slow, steady, safe approach is best.

A Safe and Proven Method On How You Can Start Your Own Horse!

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Jack Lieser is a very gifted horseman with the ability to observe horses and their humans and quickly recommend changes that yield big results.  His breadth of experience with many types of horses and disciplines is most evident when he is working with young or troubled equines.  I learn so much from Jack every time I am around him.  We are blessed to have a horseman of this caliber so close to Houston.


Linda Secrist & Silvertail

Jack is one of those people who, simply by being in their presence, makes everyone feel calmer. This holds true for both people and animals. I have a very sensitive 3 yr. old Paint gelding (Try) who Jack started this summer. Try is an especially sensitive young guy, and we had already had a less than stellar experience with another trainer (not a bad trainer, but just not the right match for a horse like Try). Many horses like him are deemed “hot” or “problem” horses, but Jack just said that he was sensitive and started to work with him on day 1.

I can honestly say that Try & I would very likely have failed as a partnership without Jack.   Tara Chatterson & Try


What You Will Get In This Series:

Here is a list of the online videos in First Steps To Starting Your Horse:

1A. Three communication games 1. Rhythmic Motion 2. Steady pressure

1B. Three Communication Games 3. Rhythmic Pressure

2A. Accepting the Human


2B. Accept the human from the fence

3. Accepting the Saddle

4. 2nd Saddling and 1st rope workDSC_0002

5. Accepting the Rider- First Ride

6. 3rd Day Recapping Accepting Human & Saddle

7. Accepting the Rider – 2nd Ride Walk Trot

8. First Steps in Longeing

9. Accepting the Rider 3rd Ride Walk Trot

10a. BackingDSC_0248

10b. Sideways from the Ground

10c. Side pass Advance

11a. Obstacles Going Around 4 Barrels

11b. Obstacles Tarp

11c. Obstacles Over Barrels

11d. Obstacles – 3rd Day Going over the BarrelsIMG_0545

12. Moving Gasra & Cresent around the Arena

13. 4th Ride

14. 6th Ride

15. 3 Elements of Longeing Walk Trot Canter

16. Tying the Lead Rope to Make Reins

17. Connected Seat Riding

18. Connected Seat Riding 2nd Day

19. Connected Seat Riding 4th Day

20. Accepting the bit

21. Zig Zag

22. Circle in The Corners

23a. Demonstrating from the ground how to begin using the bit

23b. First time riding with the bit

24. Turn On the Fore Hand and Turn On the Haunches

The price for this video series is $147.00

In addition, I will give you 30 days to watch the series and if you are not 100% satisfied, I will give you a full refund.

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