About Jack

Photo by Angela Guy

I grew up on a dairy farm in Minnesota. My first experience training a horse was starting one of our ponies at the age of 8.When I was 12 we moved to south Texas and at the age of 18 I began to seriously study horsemanship. I got a 2 year old quarter horse thinking I knew everything about horses from working with the ponies but I soon found out I did not know much of anything! I began to work with an Amish man who taught me a thing or two about driving and this led into a desire to learn more. I then began to study dressage for the next year and a half. I began to study as much as I could on my own and working with as many horses as I could. I came across the Parelli program in 1998 and through the next several years I went through the levels program and in 2002 I got my level 3. I had worked towards becoming a Parelli instructor but after much thought decided it was not the right direction for me. I started to teach and train on my own using all of what I had learned over the years. I continued my education spending time with acclaimed horsemen such as Leon Harrel, Jack Brainerd and others. In recent years I have delved into the study of classical horsemanship. I have had the privilege to work with one of the top classical trainers here in the United States Dr Thomas Ritter. I find classical horsemanship has the most to offer the horse and the rider. There is so much history and knowledge that have been developed over the past centuries making this a true art form. I have found that true classical horsemanship is the original natural horsemanship in its care and respect for the horse. I teach and train and give clinics across the country using a blend of these methods. My students and horses are my best teachers.